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The Data Services Application allows congregations to view and update contact information for their members, lay leaders, and staff which directly effects the Online Directory of Congregations and UU World subscriptions. If you are a church administrator, board chair, membership committee chair, or other person responsible for maintaining your congregation's membership list, see how your congregation can authorize you as a Data Services Updater.

GA Credentialing & Certification Manager

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  Use your congregation's four-digit UUA ID number to log in to this account. Every congregation has a pre-established account already. If you do not know your congregation's four-digit UUA ID number, you can find it here. You do not need to register for this system.

The Certification/Credential System allows congregations to update their address, telephone, fax, email and web site. The information you provide appears in the "Find a Congregation Near You" section of During the certification period the system allows congregations to report their current certified membership number, and statistical and financial information from their previous fiscal year.

NEW for 2015: Congregations will use this system to access their General Assembly Delegate Credentials

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For technical support, contact Data Services at or (617) 948-4654.